Thursday, September 20, 2012


 April 2 - 8, 2012

        Monday was spent making calls (27) for appointments for visits and talking to sisters in the White Plains 1st and 2nd Wards, as we start our new assignment in the Lexington Park and Patuxent Wards next Sunday. This change of assignment comes with mixed emotions; I am so fond of and have made so many dear friends in the 1st and 2nd wards that it makes it very difficult to move on, but I’m also excited to make and serve new friends and to spread the “news” of our mission, in hopes that other sisters will be able to go on one like this in the near future…

          A few of the sisters we were able to visit this week included:

          *Elsie, our 86 year-old-friend who is a dyed in the wool Red-Skins fan, and is as sharp as a tack. She always has great stories to tell us.

          *We met our good friend, Kristi, for lunch. She has been going through a really tough time, but was more positive and clear-thinking than the last time we met. We had a fun time together and promised to keep in touch…

          *We enjoyed an evening of great conversation and wonderful food with our friend Janice. Her boys were home, but her husband, Dave, was working late, which gave us a chance for “girl talk”. It’s always fun to be with Janice, she’s always so positive, and is compassionate and loving to everyone she meets.

          *Ethyl is one of our favorites by far! She went on a mission to Bolivia when she was in her early 70’s—talk about spunk!!! Then later she was a seminary teacher and the kids told her that Friday was donut day, so she and the other teacher decided that if all the kids were going to do was eat donuts on Friday, they would cancel it—so they only held seminary Monday through Thursday that year…the next year, the Bishop found out and told them that it would be really nice if they would teach on Friday also! We love to go over to visit her; she has wonderful stories to tell about her life and has such a great sense of humor, and she always lets us know how welcome we are in her home.
Ethyl Dubois

          *We went to Olive Garden for a visiting teacher’s lunch with Renee, Tamesha, Linda, Bonnie, Carol, Shirley, Lucy, Dela, and Marcie. There was plenty of good food and great conversation to last the afternoon!
Marcie March, Sister Brown, Renee Backen, Tamesha Rogers
Linda Haycock, Bonnie Kirby
Carol Candela, Shirley Paoule, Sister Harper, Lucy..., Dela Able, Marcie March
       *Friday night was a night in Spain with Maria and David Morningstar. Maria was born in Spain and met David there when he was in the Air Force. She made us a marvelous dinner of Spanish paella with chicken and shrimp, and a wonderful flan for dessert. She then showed us postcards and pictures of Spain where she grew up and the area around it and some of her heirlooms from her grandmother: a mantilla and tall comb, as well as beautiful handmade shawls. It was really a fun night!

    Easter Sunday is always special at Church. Wonderful talks, special musical numbers, and for some reason, the sacrament takes on even more meaning on this sacred day.

   We were invited to the home of Chuck and Deanna Van Slyke for Easter dinner. It was so fun to share the afternoon with them and their three children, Bryant, 8, Garrison, 7, and Elena, 4. Being in the home with children is such a joy, but it is kind of double-sided, as it makes me even more homesick for my cute grandkids. These are a lot like my own, even down to the “talent show” from Elena.

   Spring in Maryland is absolutely beautiful! It seems as though you can see the trees explode into bloom, then foliage right before your eyes…as we travel to the temple each week, the beltway is lined with pear trees and it has been so fun to see them turn from winter gloom to spring beauty right before our eyes! Then we saw the Cherry Blossoms and magnolias in full bloom in DC—what a sight to behold!!! Now the dogwoods and azaleas are in bloom in their array of colors; who could ask for more?

   To see spring arrive each year reminds me of the great love our Heavenly Father has for us; no matter how hard our trials may be (winter), He is there to bring us through the storms to brighter, warmer days ahead (spring). I am so grateful for this Easter season when we celebrate the death on the cross and resurrection of our brother, Jesus Christ, thus giving us the opportunity for Eternal Life with our family and loved ones. I am so grateful for the comfort I receive from my Brother as He wraps His loving arms around me in times of need or comfort. I know He is with me every day, waiting to help or comfort me...