Sunday, February 19, 2012


November 7, 2011

   This has been a different than usual week. My fall off the chair last week put me back more than I expected and by Monday I was in a world of hurt. The mission office helped me find a doctor, so I've been in and out of appointments and radiologist offices trying to get this under control. The best medicine I received, though, was a blessing from the elders. I asked Elder Kinne, an elder who is "legally deaf", who has double hearing aids, to seal the annointing. His blessing was amazing! At first he was really nervous (had a hard time with my maiden name--Hooton--who doesn't), but then the Spirit flowed through him, he relaxed and a beautiful blessing was given.
   I went with Sister Harper to a "card club", where they make and exchange cards and then have a make-and-take card. Since making cards is not my forte', I did the make-and take. I must admit it was fun and I met even more new friends.
   By Thursday, we were able to go visiting, so off we went.
   We took a sister on her errands who doesn't drive and who had previously been taking taxi's. She is on welfare so she really can't afford to do this...                              
   The wards we serve cover the bottom third of Maryland, so we do a lot of driving each week. The further south we go, the more rural and beautiful it becomes!  We went south to visit sisters in a small town called Mechanicsville. As we came around a turn in the road, we saw a sign to "Wicomico Shores Waterfront Park", so being the curious girls we are, we decided to check it out. It was so fun; there was a pier about two blocks long and a man was sitting out there fishing. We went out and asked him about the area. He said we were on the Wicomico River, but just south and around the corner was the Chesapeake Bay.(look on your map to see if you can find it)
   Friday we had a meeting with Pres. Matsomuri. I can't emphasize enough what a wonderful, insightful, compassionate, amazing man he is! He gives such fabulous advice, making you feel as if you're the only missionary he has. It makes us feel great, too, because everytime we see him, he tells us he is receiving great reports about our work.
   Saturday is P-day and I finally got my hair done!!! Found a girl I like, but the prices sure grow from St. George to Waldorf!
   Sunday we went to dinner at Kristy Hoeferle's with Elders Hurd and Kinne, and the Hayes', another family in the ward. I mentioned Kristy before; they just moved here and her husband is an officer in the Air Force deployed in an undisclosed area. They have three boys, Tynan (14), Tanner (12), and Tayton (10), who we have adopted, since their grandparents are in Washington state.

   I am so grateful for the gospel in my life, especially this week for Priesthood blessings and the knowledge that our Heavenly Father is there for us--all we have to do is talk to Him.