Sunday, February 19, 2012


October 20, 2011
 I'm sorry that I'm so late writing this week--a three day migraine put me behind in many ways...
   The week was great in many ways, though. We attended our first Zone Conference, consisting of two of the four zones in the mission. We were able to meet many of the other senior missionaries, and had a personal interview with Pres. Matsomuri. He said he is pleased with our progress and is hearing great things about the work we are doing from the Stake President and Bishops in the wards we serve, which really made me feel good.
   We visited many sisters in our wards and concentrated in the southern part of Maryland. While travelling down there we saw, in addition to the leaves turning brighter every day:
          * a deer running through the woods
          * a buzzard eating fresh road kill (yum)
          * Amish farms with signs selling goods--"Yoder's Furniture", Yoder's Quilts" and "Everything Amish"
          * an up-close and personal look at the Indian Head Naval Base front gate. (the corporal was   very kind and explained that we couldn't come on the base, but he would help us get where we needed to go)
   I completed my first week of service in the Washington DC temple. I love seeing the temple as we come around the turn on the freeway--it is magnificent indeed!!! It is such an honor to have this calling; everyone I have met has been has been so kind and helpful--they make me feel as though I have known them forever.
   Wednesday and Thursday we had terrible thunderstorms and a tornado warning (which luckily skirted by us to the west). I have to admit, it was kind of fun/scary/fun/nerve-wracking while the whole thing was going on though.
   Saturday we went with the senior missionaries on an outing to the Shenandoah mountains about 100 miles to the Luray Caverns in Virginia. They are a national treasure and are the largest caverns in the east. They go nine stories underground and some are ten stories high. They are a lot like Timpanogos Cave only you don't have to climb up a mountain to get to them--I was very grateful for that!!!
We met more missionaries, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a girl I went to high school with is serving here with her husband (Kathy Blair/Steve Postma). Had a great time reminiscing with her...
   I'm so grateful for my mission, for the gospel in my life, for a fabulous family and good friends. I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, my Brother. I'm especially grateful for my Eternal Companion, and for temple ordinances that make it all possible...