Wednesday, March 7, 2012


January 21, 2012

   We come to the end of another wonderful week in the Washington DC North Mission~~the only adverse problem is that it is FREEZING COLD!!! Everything they say about the cold is true and more!!! We were stuck in today because there was an ice storm that started Friday night and everyone has been warned to stay off the streets--that's when it's too cold to snow, and the rain freezes as or before it hits the cars, streets, etc. making them a total sheet of ice...
   Sunday was Fast Sunday, and we had a special fast for Bishop Martin in the WP1st Ward. He has degenerative disc problems and is in debilitating pain 24/7. He has been okayed for a titanium disc replacement, but is fighting the insurance for the go-ahead. In the evening, we went to visit a sister in the 2nd ward, Eileen. We found out that she writes grants for the Head Start Programs in the area. It was a most enjoyable visit and we hope to return soon.
   Monday we purchased the supplies for the recipe books we will be assembling for the Relief Society night tasting table on Thursday. In the afternoon we, along with Jancice Gardner, helped Jennifer Gillisen and family pack to move from the 2nd to the 1st Ward. We packed books, books, books, and more books, as well as her office. Jennifer is a non-member, but is at church each week with her family and is at all church-sponsored activities--no one would ever know that she hasn't been baptised. She is an event planner, so if we ever throw a large party, we'll know who to ask for help...
   Tuesday I went to my orthopedic doctor and found out that I don't need to have surgery on my back~~I am so grateful!!! What showed up as fractures on the x-rays, were in actuality nodules on my discs...I have a severe strain/sprain, so I will go back to physical therapy for four weeks, then back to the doctor for re-evaluation. I really want to thank everyone who has offered prayer and concern in my behalf; I know that fasting and prayer works and that our Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. Tuesday afternoon we put the recipe books for RS on Thursday. We will do a tasting table each month using items from the cannery, food storage, food in season, snacks for kids, etc. This month we used refried beans from the cannery and made Sister Harper's recipe of Chili Con Queso Dip with corn chips. Another sister used powdered milk and made yogurt and ranch-type dip (it was really good). The recipe book has a cute front and back cover (4x6) with a ring in the corner; we will hand out recipes for the items on the tasting table, plus extras each month, so by the end of the year each sister will have a complete book, with a lot of recipes that she's already tried.
   Wednesday was our first day back at the temple since its closing for cleaning. It was wonderful to return to feel the Spirit once again, and to meet with our fellow ordinance workers that have become special friends as well. Before our shift at the temple, we had our monthly District Meeting in the Visitor's Center. We were able to meet the newest sister in our district, Sister Larsen, from Blackfoot, ID. So there are six in our district, Sister Harper from Arizona, Sister Wege from Louisiana, Sister Larsen from Idaho, Brother & Sister Noel from Utah, and me...right now Sister Wege is working on arranging a White House tour for us the middle of April when the cherry blossoms are out.
   Thursday we went to lunch with five sisters from the WP2; we are all intertwined one way or another through visiting teaching...we are of different ages and stages of life, yet had a great time together, and decided to do this on a monthly basis. Afterward, my partner, Nicole and I went visiting teaching to Deanna; she's the Primary Pres. and the girl I told you about whose husband just returned from deployment. Thursday evening was WP2's RS night. The theme of the night was "Organization". They started with Melody Lusk as "Mrs. Bunch-O-Hints"~~she's so funny~~she dresses up like "Momma" on "Momma's Family" and gives hints on organization, and then we had a presentation by Deanna VanSlyke on home organization. Afterward we did our presentation of the tasting table, then they covered composition notebooks with scrapbooking paper and embellishments for "Joy Journals". It was a really fun night.
   Friday we took a cute little (not even 5 ft. tall) lady, Shirley Blake, to her doctor's appointment. We have been trying to contact her for some time now, but she won't answer her phone if she doesn't recognize the number. She is in her 80's and is so fun to be with. We also took her to the grocery store, and she scooted around, knowing exactly what she wanted and where everything was; we are going to her home for dinner next week. Friday evening was the WP2 ward temple night for ward conference this Sunday. Bonnie and Gary Ramon took us to dinner to the Hong Kong Cafe, the restaurant where they had their first date; it was delicious! We also went to the This Is the Place Bookstore (cute name, huh?) that is the church version of Deseret Book. We had over forty members of the ward in the temple session on Friday and the Spirit was very strong!...we had been warned of a strong winter storm Friday, and by the time we arrived home, the snow had begun to fall...that is where we began the first of this letter.