Wednesday, March 7, 2012


January 30, 2012

    This week started off with an ice storm--it was Sister Harper's turn to drive, and it was quite a task for the Arizona girl to scrape/chip ice off the windshield before we could leave for church...the day turned out to be beautiful afterall, but bitter cold!!!
    After church, Becky, the Young Women’s leader, came with us to visit three sisters and young women who all lived in the countryside south of us; this is where the Amish community is and we saw ten couples on the street in their buggies…it’s always fun to see them “out and about”.
    Monday we were advised to stay in because there was severe ice on the roads and another ice storm in the forecast (which didn’t come to pass). We used the time to make calls checking on sisters and making appointments for later in the week.
    Tuesday was a day set aside for our quarterly visit by the exterminator. Our time was 8am-5pm; at the end of the day no one had come…
    Wednesday found us with a passenger to the temple. Kathleen Sponaugle, a sister in the WP2nd Ward will be riding with us each week now. She will do various kinds of temple ordinances as we complete our shift each week. She’s a special, dedicated sister.
    Thursday, we called on three sisters in the WP1st Ward. Ann is a mother of four who has gone back to school for her nursing degree. Tina is a fun, talented sister and is becoming a great friend. She teaches the card club we go to, teaches piano, and is taking guitar lessons. Her husband is in the Air Force and is the highest rank an enlisted man can be. Our last visit was with Sara, a darling young mother who has four children and is expecting her fifth. Her husband is in the military and they are being transferred to North Carolina in two weeks. We will miss them terribly! Their kidlets are so cute and really loving—we get tons of Grandma fixes from them…
    Friday we visited with Ashley, a young sister who has just moved back to Maryland from Utah. She has a degree in interior design. Our next stop was a visit with Vera, a retired critical care nurse. She hadn’t been to church for quite a while, but she was there again yesterday, so we were very pleased. The Armentrout’s have a nutrition store called Country Nutrition. We went in to check it out and had a nice visit with them. Afterward, we were on our way to the Morningstar’s for dinner. Sister Morningstar is from Spain and met her husband there while he was in the military. They also invited the Elder’s, so it was a wonderful evening. Elder Hurd left a message about the restoration of the Gospel; the Spirit was so strong, it was amazing.