Saturday, March 3, 2012


November 20, 2011

    This has been a great week. Monday, a good friend, Bonnie Ramone, in the 2nd Ward took us out to Amish country. First, we went to a store called "Everything Amish", then to a roadside stand owned by Noah Yoder. Anna and Barbara Yoder were also there. They sold all types of garden vegetables, baked goods, and centerpieces. They were closing this week for the winter, but said they will be back in the spring selling items that they make during the winter--furniture, hand-made clothes, quilts, etc. We talked to them for over an hour and had a very pleasant conversation.They gave us permission to take pictures of their horse and buggy as long as we didn't take one of them.
   Tuesday I was down and out with a migraine, so Sister Harper went over to help make decorations for the 2nd Ward Relief Society Holiday Party that is this Thursday. Tuesday evening we drove to Indian Head, about 45 minutes southwest from our apartment to have dinner with the Relief Society Pres., Roz Brown. We have become really good friends with her (she is the one who wants to take time off work to take us on a 'tour' of Washington DC). After dinner we had a short meeting discussing sisters in need and the course of action that we could take to help them best. Roz is so intuitive and sensitive as to those in need; it is a real joy to work with her!
   Wednesday is temple day, which means it is raining--oh, I mean pouring! We had District Meeting before our temple shift, so we had to leave early, and it took us 1 1/2 hours to get there instead of the usual hour. So fun!!!
   Once there it was so worth it! I am learning more each time I go and it's so exciting. We have a new temple presidency--Pres. and Sister Swinton. We missed the first week they were there because of my back, so I didn't know what they looked like. Wednesday, I was the hostess in the foyer of the temple, where you greet the patrons, and smile and tell them you hope they have a nice experience, etc. So, this said, this couple comes in and I said my "hello's" and smile and tell them I hope they have a nice experience at the temple. The man smiled, shook my hand, and walked ahead, but the sister shook my hand (people don't usually do that), started to walk away then came back and said, "Hi, my name is Sister Swinton". I almost died!!! I told her I was so sorry I didn't know who she was and explained the circumstances, then she gave me a big hug and said not to worry about it; I had greeted them perfectly! Made me feel really good!!!
   Thursday we went early to the 2nd Ward to help decorate for the Holiday Party. They served soup, salad and crunchy bread from Panera Bakery with bite-sized creme-puffs for dessert. Then we had a fun gift exchange of something that represents a trait in you. I gave a book of quotes, because I'm always trying to find cute new sayings to collect for "sometime I might need them". Oh--my bishop's wife's grandma (whew!) is visiting from St. George, and I found out that she lives in my Coral Canyon Ward!!! Small world, huh?                                      
   Today after church Sister Harper and I attended the annual Washington DC Temple Christmas Devotional. It was held in the Priesthood Room on the seventh floor of the temple, and was for  all ordinance workers and local authorities. The speakers were Pres. and Sister Swinton, Elder Smith, Elder Lansing and Elder Gerrard (all area representatives); in between speakers Christmas hymns were sung by the Washington DC Temple Choir. It was a very enjoyable program and a great way to start the Holiday Season. We sat by Bishop and Sister Martin of the 1st Ward, who introduced us to Pres. Sakai, our Stake Pres. afterward. When he came over, Pres. Sakai said,"Oh, I am so happy to meet you two; I have heard such great things about the work you are doing!" Then he invited us to a family home evening at his home in December. Good times...
   It gets colder and colder here--the numbers aren't bad--27* at night and about 46* during the day, but it's like they warned me, the humidity makes the cold go in you and stay there!!! You've heard the old adage---layer, layer, layer!!!